Round 2 Playoff Fantasy Football with emphasis on FFPC and NFFC Contests
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Mike Leone takes a look at Establish The Run's updated playoff rankings and how to make the best use of them: -Understanding when to use positional scarcity -Evaluating the many muddled RB situations He also takes a look at specific strategy for FFPC and NFFC: -why there are obvious smart leverage opportunities in KC, CIN, and SF that could play huge dividends -trying to figure out what swaps to make in NFFC based on your position relative to the field, how the bracket played out for your team, and working backwards from the multipliers you want in the Super Bowl
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Jack Miller of Establish The Run joins Mike Leone to discuss how the different best ball tournament structures on Underdog, FFPC, and Drafters work and how to tweak your draft strategies accordingly. Use promo code ETR to sign up for Underdog Fantasy:...
Published 05/19/22
Underdog Fantasy has announced that their big summer best ball tournament, Best Ball Mania 3, will have a $10 million prize pool, including individual prizes of $2 million, $1 million, and $1 million. The winner of the original Best Ball Mania, Justin Herzig, joins Mike Leone of Establish The...
Published 05/10/22