On Beyonce’s Renaissance, Darren Star’s Uncoupled, Will Smith’s Apology
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On this week’s episode, the ladies have some updates on Ivana Trump’s final resting place, the union rat’s proper name, and what exactly a fuckette is. They also discuss the Barlow and Bear/Bridgerton lawsuit, what’s happening with HBOMax, Lauren explains fan fiction to Chelsea, Beyonce’s new album Renaissance, the slippery slope of changing lyrics, the new series Uncoupled, its similarities with Sex and the City, Will Smith’s apology video, Taylor Swift’s carbon footprint, AND SO MUCH MORE! Buy Scabby the Union Rat Watch the “Strike Rat” episode of Difficult People See Ivana Trump’s sad looking grave  Watch Gates of Heaven  Read about the Netflix vs Barlow and Bear drama  Listen to Beyonce’s Renaissance  Watch Uncoupled Watch Will Smith’s apology video  Read about Taylor Swift’s harrowing carbon footprint This week's episode is brought to you by,  Function of Beauty. Save 25% on your first order when you go to FunctionofBeauty.com/Outfit As well as,  Dipsea. Our listeners get an extended 30 day free trial when you go to DipseaStories.com/Outfit! Want to hear our thoughts about Sex and the City 2? The Couture shows? Or Chelsea's insane European trip? Become a Patron! Go to Patreon.com/EveryOutfit WE HAVE A HOTLINE! Disagree with us? Make your case and we may play it on the show. Questions, secrets, or gossip from the And Just Like That set are also welcome. Call 323-486-6773
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This month on the Patreon we dive into Hocus Pocus 2 and unpack the lore of the Sanderson Sisters.  Want to hear the full episode? Become a Patron! Go to Patreon.com/EveryOutfit
Published 10/04/22
This week the ladies get into all the AJLT goss out of the Hocus Pocus premiere, give their thoughts on Don't Worry Darling, say goodbye to Riccardo Tisci and hello to Daniel Lee at Burberry, break down all the looks from Milan Fashion Week, question the lack of Kim klones at the Ciao Kim show,...
Published 09/30/22
Published 09/30/22