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Moiya and guest Evan imagine a world fit for a eusocial species. They talk about toxic atmospheres, bat wing anatomy, harmonic resonances, collective consciousness, and of course, crystal turds! HOSTED by Dr. Moiya McTier (@GoAstroMo), astrophysicist and folklorist GUEST Evan J. Peterson is a writer and writing instructor. Find them on twitter at @EvanJPeterson or on their website Check out their upcoming class called Witches Are People Too to learn how to write well-rounded magic users into your stories. MIDBREAK - Get 10% off your order at with the promo code exolore! - Sign up for a Multicrew pen pal at - Order my book, THE MILKY WAY: - BUY EXOLORE SWAG: FIND US ONLINE - patreon: - twitter: - instagram: - website: - subreddit: CREDITS - Music: - Cover art: Stephen J. Reisig, - Editing: Mischa Stanton,  ABOUT US How would you like to swim in an ocean ruled by matriarchal squid, or fly over a planet as it rotates with a swarm of migrating wasps? No, it's not the latest VR craze (... yet); it's Exolore! Exolore helps you imagine other worlds with the help of facts and science. Every other week, host Dr. Moiya McTier invites experts to build a world from scratch or sits down with a fiction fan to dive deep into their favorite worlds. Every episode will make you laugh, go "huh?" and appreciate how special our world really is. Exolore is a member of Multitude Productions, an independent podcast collective and production studio.
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Moiya is joined by climate advocate Hannah Feuer to build a world that doesn't rely on fossil fuels. With that goal in mind, they imagined a world where beautiful connections to distant beings foster worldwide empathy. HOSTED by Dr. Moiya McTier (@GoAstroMo), astrophysicist and...
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There's a second Avatar movie coming out, so I invited super-fan Jasper Cartwright to refresh me on the rules of this hit world. We talk about gravity's effects on biology, the wonders of Unobtanium, and the importance of consistency in worldbuilding. HOSTED by Dr. Moiya McTier (@GoAstroMo),...
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