Episode 111: You Can’t Impact What You Can’t Measure
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One of Dan’s key quotes, also a foundational coaching concept in Strategic Coach, is “your ears only hear and your eyes only see what you’re looking for,” meaning that we only notice breakthroughs when we search for them. In this episode, Peter and Dan discuss the many business examples and industries in which this applies. […]
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Peter and Dan discuss individuals who are changing the world, spotlighting Dean Kamen, an inventor who has an amazing moonshot of regenerating human organs. Imagine having a supply of “spare organs”: hearts, livers, lungs, and kidneys available to you as you get older. In this episode: Dan talks...
Published 05/16/22
Peter and Dan discuss the foundational new technology blockchain and how it will ultimately disrupt every industry: from finance and real estate, to sports and e-commerce. In this episode: Peter talks about the many possible uses of blockchain technology: from creating sovereign identities for...
Published 05/01/22
Published 05/01/22