18. Egypt - Fall of the Pharaohs
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Far in the distance, three colossal shapes tower over the desert horizon… In this episode, we travel to the Nile Valley, and tell the story of one of the most iconic cultures ever produced by humankind – the civilizations of ancient Egypt. I want to show how this series of related cultures grew up in the floodplains of their great river, and built some of the most enduring and recognizable structures in the world. And I want to tell the story of what happened to bring the age of the Pharaohs finally and cataclysmically to an end. Credits: Michael Hajiantonis Nick Denton Paul Casselle Alexandra Boulton Tom Marshall-Lee Rhy Brignell Peter Walters Lachlan Lucas Narrated and produced by Paul Cooper Sound engineering by Alexey Sibikin Readings in Arabic by Nassim El-Boujjoufi Readings in reconstructed ancient Egyptian by Seqnenra (Mohammad Habib) and Doha Abd Allah Amin
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