Draft Night 2.0
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The second Dust Cup draft kicks off with heavy speculation on what type of disastrous outcome JTA incurred during his recent trip to Key West, then the draft is on!  Tune in for the final team outcome for Team Terrance and Team Hutter after a 12 round draft and some trade maneuvers to follow, as the kick off date for Dust Cup 2 in Scottsdale inches closer. 
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The boys get back at it with a 3 month late Masters review and a dusty overview of the current landscape of professional golf.  The convo also hits on the insanity of current greens fee pricing and the inexplicable force field surrounding golf courses that prevents human brains from functioning. 
Published 05/26/23
The boys link up to chat about some dusty swing adjustments and the dwindling PGA Tour product.  They also drop in a review of Netflix’s new PGA Tour documentary series, “Full Swing,” while also revealing their newfound revelation, the DP World Tour. 
Published 03/19/23
Terrance recounts a recent trip to the oral surgeon, while Hutter recaps his recent trip to the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando.  The boys also take a quick PGA Tour minute and finish up by classifying all of the different personas they’ve come across on the lesson tee. 
Published 02/06/23