The boys get back at it with a 3 month late Masters review and a dusty overview of the current landscape of professional golf.  The convo also hits on the insanity of current greens fee pricing and the inexplicable force field surrounding golf courses that prevents human brains from functioning. 
Published 05/26/23
Published 05/26/23
The boys link up to chat about some dusty swing adjustments and the dwindling PGA Tour product.  They also drop in a review of Netflix’s new PGA Tour documentary series, “Full Swing,” while also revealing their newfound revelation, the DP World Tour. 
Published 03/19/23
Terrance recounts a recent trip to the oral surgeon, while Hutter recaps his recent trip to the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando.  The boys also take a quick PGA Tour minute and finish up by classifying all of the different personas they’ve come across on the lesson tee. 
Published 02/06/23
Far from Par returns for season 4 to unveil the pod’s new Instagram page, along with dropping the dates and info for the third installment of the Dust Cup.  Kevin “Foxy” Fox also joins to give his Dust Cup testimonial, while also helping Jake and Terrance comb through the most annoying golf-related items from 2022.  DC3: Dust in the Desert Palm Springs 3/29-3/31 Dust Cup Email: [email protected] Instagram Page: dusty.golf
Published 12/31/22
In this weeks episode, the boys hop on the mics late night to discuss the legendary comeback round shot by Sihwan Kim and what ingredients comprise an incredibly dusty round of golf for players of all abilities. The convo also touches on the ridiculousness of the rules of golf and introduces the new FFP game, “Survivor,” which will be featured at the next Dust Cup. 
Published 09/21/22
Terrance has played in a golf tournament for the first time in nearly a decade and recaps the experience with all of the highs and lows.  The boys also discuss the dusty dynamics of stroke play tournaments and the makeup of the people that enjoy them.   The pod caps off with a brief and pointless discussion of what’s next for FFP and the Dust Cup part 3. 
Published 09/02/22
The boys kick off the episode with more thoughts on the ongoing battle between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour, while also previewing the British Open, dropping thoughts on Tiger and taking a quick dive into whether or not Max Homa is for the boys.  JTA issues a troubling defense of the PGA Tour, while providing insight on the history of the game and consistently trying to take the pod to a dark place. 
Published 07/14/22
In FFP’s first live pod for a pro golf event, Jake hosts Terrance and his non-functioning mic, along with other guests to chime in on a final round of LIV Golf’s Portland Invitational. 
Published 07/05/22
The boys return with rave reviews for LIV Golf and to discuss it’s battle with the PGA Tour and Jay Monaghan.  Jimmy from Marlborough also drops some inside info from his brown checkmark sources, while JTA attempts to play devil’s advocate. 
Published 07/01/22
Live from Scottsdale, Jake and Terrance recap the second installment of the Dust Cup, while welcoming on guest participants to discuss their experience and overall takeaways from the trip. 
Published 05/06/22
With the Dust Cup less than a week away and a last minute JTA cancellation on the table, Jake and Terrance review the “Hutter System,” which is guaranteed to get any of the boys back onboard immediately. Tigers return at the Masters and Sheffler’s green jacket are also on the table, along with Speith’s win and the some Saudi League talk to cap off the last episode before the second Dust Cup. 
Published 04/22/22
The second Dust Cup draft kicks off with heavy speculation on what type of disastrous outcome JTA incurred during his recent trip to Key West, then the draft is on!  Tune in for the final team outcome for Team Terrance and Team Hutter after a 12 round draft and some trade maneuvers to follow, as the kick off date for Dust Cup 2 in Scottsdale inches closer. 
Published 04/11/22
After missing quite possibly the most interesting two months in the history of golf, Jake and Terrance make a return to catch up on all not-so-recent events with their dusty takes.  From thoughts on Tiger’s potential return at the Masters, to Will Smith slapping the shit out of Chris Rock at the Oscars, tune in and get all caught up for the upcoming wave (or not) of FFP pods. 
Published 04/02/22
After an incredibly dusty AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, FFP dives into the struggling event and the potential impact of the Greg Norman/Saudi backed Super League Golf Tour.  To shed some light on the inside rumors surrounding the new Tour, anonymous PGA Tour caddy stops in to give this thoughts on how the Super League may impact professional golf as we know it.  Anonymous Caddy also drops some knowledge on what PGA Tour players would draw a crowd if recruited to the new League. 
Published 02/12/22
The PGA Tour’s Hawaii swing is complete and is graded out by the boys as possibly the chillest viewing experience of the season. To help break down all that is Hawaii golf, FFP welcomes actor/comedian/Instagram legend and resident Hawaii expert, Corporate Bro, to break down the golfing experience in the islands.  Corporate Bro also recounts the time that he ran into trouble for getting high in paradise. 
Published 01/28/22
FFP kicks off 2022 by announcing the second Dust Cup, which is headed to Scottsdale, Arizona from April 26-29.  For info on the event, hit the boys up via email at [email protected].  The second half of the pod sees the boys joined by Matt Damon (not the actor), co-founder of Golf Goonz, to discuss his unique blend of NFT’s, golf gambling and newly formed collection of beauties.  
Published 01/08/22
Johnny the Alcoholic and Jimmy from Marlborough rejoin the pod to give final grades for “The Match” between Brooks and Bryson.  The boys also react to Tiger’s press conference from the past week and kick around some thoughts on the potential of Greg Norman’s new golf tour that is currently in the making.  
Published 12/03/21
The boys make a pathetic effort to get caught up with the PGA Tour’s dusty offseason events, while also previewing the already concluded head-to-head match between Brooks and Bryson.  FFP also welcomes on a wasted Joey D to discuss all of worst shots and worst moments that helped him take home a Dust Cup MVP award. 
Published 11/30/21
Season 3 kicks off with “The Dusters” award show from the first ever FFP Dust Cup.  The boys review all of the highs and lows from the week in California, including the best and worst performances on and off the golf course.  You know it’s a great week, when a guy s***s his pants while in the airport departure line. 
Published 11/19/21
Boston Pat rejoins the pod to recap the US beat down of the Europeans in last week’s Ryder Cup.  The conversation hits on Bryson’s monster weekend, the US boys deserved celebration, Rory Mcilroy’s performance and everything that went wrong for the European squad. 
Published 10/01/21
Live from the Quarantine Camp, Australia’s own, “The Fisherman,” joins the pod to help unravel the first ever Dust Cup draft for Team Hutter and Team Terrance, while the boys also get an early scouting report on their team’s drafted players.  FFP also takes a much deserved victory lap, thanks to Brooks Koepka’s recent comments regarding his thoughts of being a part of the US Ryder Cup team. 
Published 09/19/21
Boston Pat Purcell rejoins the pod to discuss the end of summer golf in the northeast and the upcoming dusty cold, wet and freezing fall golf season.  The boys also revisit the upcoming Ryder Cup and whether or not Steve Stricker will fail as the US team captain and Pat then brings it home by discussing his summer of playing some of the top country clubs  in the New England, while highlighting his worst encounters with the squids that inhabit them.  
Published 09/10/21
JTA rejoins the pod to discuss the Tour players who bailed on the Olympics and why they may have done so.  The boys also hit on Bryson’s collapse and hate endurance in Memphis, while closing out with some worthless opinions on what the potential Ryder Cup roster should/could look like. 
Published 08/19/21
In this week’s episode, the boys are inadvertently led into attack mode against the British Open and U.K. Golf Trip Guy, while JTA has a bone to pick with the Royal Family and people who drive slow in the left lane.  Also, the breakdown of the newest insane PXG commercial is laid out and a quick look is taken into the effects of the current golf boom on the every day golf experience.  JTA caps off the show with a review of what’s in his bag and why he carries two 60 degree wedges. 
Published 07/24/21