Erin Deering, Co-Founder Triangl | Hanging By A Thread To Having it All
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For anyone in business, this will be one of the most profound and moving episodes that you will listen to all year. Erin Deering, the accomplished Australian entrepreneur and co-founder of the renowned global swimwear brand, Triangl, has left a permanent mark on the fashion industry. Her innovative use of neoprene cuts and strategic embrace of the influencer effect propelled Triangl to cult status, culminating in a staggering valuation of USD$200 million. Yet, amidst the resounding success, Erin, like many women striving to 'have it all,' discovered the profound personal sacrifices that accompanied her professional journey. Feeling "totally broken" after years of relentless brand growth, Erin made a pivotal decision to step away from Triangl at its peak. This marked the beginning of an intensive period of self-discovery, during which she explored various avenues, including meditation, manifestation, and traditional therapy. Through this transformative process, Erin emerged with a rekindled sense of passion and purpose. In 2023, she launched a podcast titled "The Work," where she generously shared insights on business, personal development, and self-care. Erin, a multifaceted individual, has also embraced roles as a speaker, entrepreneur, mentor, and author. Her memoir, "Hanging By A Thread," recently claimed the #1 spot on Booktopia's charts. This year, Erin gears up to unveil her eagerly anticipated fashion brand in September. This venture reflects her unwavering commitment to blending style with substance, embodying the lessons learned from her remarkable journey. During this dynamic conversation, we dive into: The inspiration behind Erin’s book, Hanging by a Thread The highs and lows of growing the iconic Australian swimwear brand Triangl The experience of exiting Triangl and how it was navigated Erin’s healing journey from hanging by a thread to having it all  The exciting upcoming launch of Erin's new fashion brand  You can connect with Erin at: Instagram _______ If you would like to take your Fashion Business to the next level, connect with us via any of the following links and enquire about Consulting, Mentorship or Online Learning.  Instagram: @fashionequipped  @startyourfashionbusiness_au Podcast Insta: @fashionbusinessmindset Facebook: Website: Let's do this together, let's make The Fashion Business, YOUR Business! See for privacy information.
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