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Tory Archbold is the Founder and Director of Powerful Steps, a business that empowers leaders to find their ultimate power through a heart-led skill set and the power of strategic storytelling. With over 24 years of experience in brand building, public relations, digital media, and events, Tory has collaborated with some of the world's most influential celebrities, entrepreneurs, and CEOs, delivering extraordinary results for local and international brands.Tory is also the author of Self Belief is Your Superpower, the host of the Powerful Stories Podcast, and the creator of the Business Attraction Program, a proven framework that helps clients attract their ideal customers, partners, and opportunities. Tory's mission is to share her story of survival, resilience, and success, and to inspire others to embrace their authenticity and genuine care for others. Tory believes that human connection is the key to creating value and impact in any industry. During this dynamic conversation, we dive into: Why self-belief is your superpower The #1 fear that holds most people back The power of three coffee dates each week How to protect your energy  The importance of Leading with heart  This episode is a MUST LISTEN and Tory's book is a MUST READ.  You can connect with Tory and explore her programs at: Instagram @powerfulsteps Linkedin _______ If you would like to take your Fashion Business to the next level, connect with us via any of the following links and enquire about Consulting, Mentorship or Online Learning.  Instagram: @fashionequipped  @startyourfashionbusiness_au Podcast Insta: @fashionbusinessmindset Facebook: Website: Let's do this together, let's make The Fashion Business, YOUR Business! See for privacy information.
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