Published 09/29/22
I always get lots of questions about how to stand up for what you believe in on social media, if there's any way to do activism justice with social media. There aren't always simple answers to that. Except this time.  This time, there IS a simple answer.  And it's something you can do easily and quickly, for free.  But first, you need to know about the Justice for Mahsa Amini movement, why you should care, and what the Iranian people need right now.  I've invited my colleague Dr. Faryal...
Published 09/29/22
Have you ever had that experience of coming up with the most amazing idea for an offer and feeling so excited about offering it to the world? Then you launch it, and you’re met with crickets. If your initial marketing efforts didn’t create a flood of clients like you were expecting and you currently feel deflated, know that your excitement is half the work. I’m showing you what the other half looks like. Get full show notes and more information here: https://www.simonegraceseol.com/210
Published 09/26/22
People often wonder how to be as consistent in their business as I am, and I get asked how I come up with new and creative content all the time in my marketing. Sure, I show up every single day and have done for years, but I’ve got one key insight that will guarantee a shift in how you perceive consistency. Tune in this week because I am giving you the secret to consistency. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here: https://www.simonegraceseol.com/209 
Published 09/19/22
"If you say to me, "this is what my ancestors experienced 200 years ago, 500 years ago, 20 years ago, 20 minutes ago." And I don't witness that, which means I say, "Come on, get over it, let it go. I can't believe you're still hanging on to that stuff." That's a shaming witness. When I do that, it completes the trauma bond. That's not a past trauma. That's a current trauma in the moment." -- David Bedrick My collaborator on the Shame Clinic, David Bedrick and I had an incredibly important...
Published 09/18/22
Curious what shamanic shape-shifting is and what it has to do with shame? Well listen in, friends!  My teacher and collaborator David Bedrick is sharing what the shamanic approach to unshaming is, how we’ll be leading and facilitating this process in the Clinic, and how The Shame Clinic will equip you with a new frame of reference and emotional vocabulary for seeing, knowing, and talking to yourself. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode including The Shame Clinic and David's...
Published 09/12/22
This week, I’m introducing you to my co-conspirator, co-creator, and co-teacher of a brand new class called The Shame Clinic.  David Bedrick is a teacher and mentor of mine, and the work we’ve done together has so radically transformed my life, so I talked him into a collaboration.  Together, we’ve teamed up to create a five-week intensive course designed to uproot shame so you can develop a new framework for relating to yourself, and you’re hearing all about it today. Find links to...
Published 09/11/22
This week, I’m sharing an interview I did over on my client Amanda Kingsley’s podcast. Amanda is an incredible coach who empowers women who have been through an abortion, and she invited me to talk about shame and how it’s tied to patterns of intersectional oppression. We’re touching on how we’re encouraged to outsource our self-trust to other people and why having a loving relationship with yourself is a prerequisite for ethical marketing. Find links to everything mentioned in this...
Published 09/05/22
This week, I’m sitting down with my friend and client, Rebecca Ives, a spiritual teacher and marketing coach who is also known as The Content Queen. But this will not be a normal interview. Rebecca is interviewing ME on everything from my love for the Kardashians to what being a Christian means to me. So strap yourselves in and enjoy! Find links to everything mentioned in this episode as well as links to Rebecca's work here: https://www.simonegraceseol.com/205
Published 08/29/22
We are, for the first time ever in the history of this podcast, talking about ads.  It’s honestly been a long time coming, and of course, you can expect my unvarnished, unfiltered, controversial opinions on it all as I give you some guidance on the most common questions that come up around when to start paying for ads, and how to get the most bang for your buck. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here: https://www.simonegraceseol.com/204
Published 08/22/22
I’m sitting down with the one and only Samantha Siffring, a life coach who helps moms build profitable online businesses. Samantha and I have seen two extreme ends of the spectrum around the fears entrepreneurs experience when it comes to scaling, so we're answering the burning questions that are on your mind about it. Learn what client-centered scaling means and how you can start taking the steps to decide what scaling your business in a way that feels good to both you and your client...
Published 08/15/22
There’s this b******t hierarchy in our culture that says being an entrepreneur is somehow superior to being an employee. But having a job that brings you satisfaction and meaning is just as noble as running a business. If you’re currently juggling both, I know you’re a badass. Discover out how to know when it's time to quit your job or get a new one, and my thoughts on becoming an entrepreneur. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here: https://www.simonegraceseol.com/202
Published 08/08/22
 Believe it or not, getting no responses to your offers and feeling awkward or discouraged happens at all stages of business.  So, what do you do when it seems like nobody wants what you have to offer? This week, discover what’s really happening if nobody is hopping on your email list, responding to your posts, or joining your brand new launch. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here: https://www.simonegraceseol.com/201
Published 08/01/22
If you’re finding it challenging to follow the “I help” formula to display your passion and conviction for the work you do, this episode is for you.  I’m sharing why we need to replace the “I help” statement, and I’m offering alternative sentences to help jog your imagination about ways to talk about what you’re really here for and what lights you on fire.  Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here: https://www.simonegraceseol.com/200
Published 07/25/22
Today, Alex and I share the standards and policies we’ve created for our coaching containers to ensure they are safe and accountable spaces.  We’re touching on how to have your back through all of it, why being willing to face uncomfortable conversations is necessary, and although it sounds contradictory to this conversation, what it means to be intentional about the harm you choose.  Find links to everything mention in this episode as well as links to Alex's work...
Published 07/19/22
Have you created a safe space inside your coaching container? If you're not sure or if you know you haven't, you need to listen in.   Alex Ray is my friend and colleague, and the Queer Confident Coach who helps LGBTQIA+ people enjoy being their authentic selves. We're diving headfirst into the harm we’ve done in our coaching containers, and why creating a safe space isn’t just a strategy but a way of being. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode as well as links to Alex's work...
Published 07/18/22
My husband and I went to a seafood restaurant the other night where I experienced an amazing lesson in sales that I’ll remember forever.  I love looking for sales lessons in everyday, real-life interactions (side note: you should too) because they truly can teach us so much, and I’m sharing my insights on my interaction with the owner of this restaurant in this episode.  Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here: https://www.simonegraceseol.com/197
Published 07/11/22
How much thought do you give your Zoom background? Until this conversation,  I didn't give it much thought, but I certainly do now. Carly Thornock is a House Love Coach who helps people design their houses to optimize their goals. So, whether you’re feeling inadequate, shameful, or downright stressed about your Zoom background, she’s here to offer a mic drop of a podcast episode to help you create an environment you love.  Find links to everything mentioned in this episode as well as to...
Published 07/04/22
If you’re like most people, you’re torturing yourself over getting the name of your podcast just right, coming up with the perfect Instagram bio, or having the most beautifully curated photos. And I have to give you a reality check: none of that matters. Join me this week to get total clarity on how to make wiser, more effective business decisions. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here: https://www.simonegraceseol.com/195
Published 06/27/22
Painful shit happens to us all the time, whether in life, love, or business. I don’t know any coach at any level of success who is exempt from it.  But there’s a huge difference between embracing clean pain versus dirty pain, and this week, I’m selling you on why it’s worth spending time naming and separating clean pain from dirty pain in your business.  Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here: https://www.simonegraceseol.com/194
Published 06/20/22
With so many coaches offering group programs and memberships, is 1:1 coaching even worth offering anymore? Heck yes, my friends. And there are so many people out there seeking it out. Tune in this week as I share my philosophy on how to design your 1:1 offer. I’m offering tips for doing this at every stage of your business, whether you’ve just started out or have a consistent client roster on the go. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here: https://www.simonegraceseol.com/193
Published 06/13/22
How the heck are buttholes relevant to marketing?! Well, dear coach, you are about to find out. Strap yourself in because we are about to have the freakiest conversation about marketing in podcast history as Danielle Savory shows us what it means to let your butthole be your North Star, and how to build safety in yourself to know your wants. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here: https://www.simonegraceseol.com/192
Published 06/06/22
Coaches, I know you love a challenge. And I know you're sick of being relentlessly assaulted by the dominance of “bro" marketing. So I've got a treat for you. This week, discover how we’re going to totally revolutionize the world of marketing through the Paleo Marketing Challenge. This challenge is all about being open to all possibilities, getting down to the nitty-gritty of human-to-human connection, and creating amazing results for your business. Find links to everything mentioned in...
Published 05/30/22
Are you coming off preachy in your marketing? You might be accidentally stepping into a position of self-righteousness that’s not desirable to you or your people.  This week, I show you why championing your ideas doesn’t have to mean exercising power or superiority over your people. Instead, learn how to approach your marketing with an energy of collaboration and allyhood. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here: https://www.simonegraceseol.com/190
Published 05/23/22
What might be more important and life-changing than money?  I’m sharing my insights on what I believe is true wealth, how I’m choosing to make decisions in my business to get even wealthier, and why, when you can see true wealth in this light, nobody can be richer than you.  Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here: https://www.simonegraceseol.com/189
Published 05/16/22