Ask David: ADHD; Humor; Rejection Practice
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Can You Treat ADHD with TEAM? Does Humor Play a Role in Therapy? What's the Difference between Rejection Practice and Shame-Attacking Exercises? Featuring Dr. Matthew May Note: Not all of the information covered here is in the podcast, and much of what we discuss in the podcast is not covered here. Questions for the next two Ask David Podcasts: Rich asks how you treat ADHD in TEAM. Hwa-Chi Qiu Alvarez asks about the use of humor in therapy. Rima asks about the differences between Rejection Practice and Shame-Attacking Exercises.   Rich asks: How do you treat ADHD? From Richard: How about a podcast concerning ADHD? I feel that applying TEAM would work. No? I mean “disorders” arise from distortions…so what does a distraction “disorder” arise from? Thanks for all you do David, Rich David’s reply: Hi Rich, I don’t treat “disorders,” I treat individuals at specific moments when they’re struggling and wanting help! Hope that helps. As an aside, if you or a friend, colleague, or patient have ADHD and you can describe a specific moment when that person was struggling, I would love to hear about it! Then you’ll see how TEAM works it’s magic by focusing on individuals, and not “problems” or “disorders,” etc. TEAM is a “fractal psychotherapy.” I will explain! Warmly, david Matt’s Take: Thanks for the question, Rich! I love what David is saying, about treating the individual, not the diagnosis. There are a lot of things that can interfere with focus and attention, such as. medical problems, sleep difficulties, toxin exposure, substance misuse, and relationship problems. In addition, depression and anxiety can interfere with concentration and contribute to ADHD symptoms. Below, I’ve listed many of the distracting thoughts that my clients have had. Along with a list of some good things about being Distracted. Hope you enjoy! Matt’s A – Z List of Distracting Thoughts: I don’t feel like doing this This is boring and no fun I never get to do what I want It’s not fair I’ll do it later There’s plenty of time Best not to rush things I might be missing out on something interesting or important I’ll check my phone one more time, real quick, and then get right back to work This time will be different. Seriously. I mean it. Actually, I’m feeling too tired to concentrate I’ll just take a quick, 5-minute nap I’ll get to work when I feel more rested and motivated I’ve had a hard day and deserve a little break and some fun Tomorrow’s going to be really hard, so I need to rest up I just *can’t* concentrate, at all There’s something seriously wrong with me I lack willpower / I have no ambition I shouldn’t have to do this There’s no point doing this I’ll never be able to do this I need to be doing important, interesting things It would be really exciting and fun to … x, y, z, instead I need to tidy up a bit before starting this big project I don’t know where to get started / don’t want to mess up I’ll be too distracted if I don’t take care of this one thing, first   Matt’s A – Z List of GOOD Reasons to be Distracted I can be spontaneous, have fun and be present, in-the-moment I won’t miss out on something interesting and important I won’t waste my life doing boring stuff that leads nowhere I’ll focus on what makes me happy I won’t let other people control me or make my decisions for me I like to feel powerful and in-charge; I call the shots This is my time, nobody controls me It’s calming to know that I’m in-control I want to treat myself with respect I want to be free, not shackled It’s important to take breaks I want to maintain a good work-life balance It’s fun and exciting to be a bit of a ‘rebel’ I’m my own unique person, doing things my way I just want to ‘go with the flow’, it’s easier I want to be safe, protected me from failure. I can’t really fail if I don’t give it my all I can get instant relief from
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