Dylan McNeice
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FORM GOGGLES DISCOUNT FOR OUR LISTENERS (00:10:49) Follow link to https://www.formswim.com/pages/fitter-radio for 15% off FORM Goggles using the code Fitter15 HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW: DYLAN MCNEICE (00:11:20) Dylan McNeice is co-Founder of the drafting technology system Race Ranger and Secretary on the Board of the PTO. We bring Dylan back to the show to talk about where Race Ranger is at plus he gives us more insight into the recent changes to the PTO system and rankings. COACHES CATCH-UP: (00:57:57) Bev and Tim catch up on the triathlon news and the weekend’s racing LINKS: ·       More about MitoQ at https://www.mitoq.com/ ·       More about ULTRO earbuds at https://www.ultroaudio.com/ ·       Training Peaks discount at https://www.fitter.co.nz/about-radio ·       INFINIT Nutrition discount at https://www.fitter.co.nz/about-radio ·       More about Infinit Nutrition Australia at https://www.infinitnutrition.com.au/   ·       FORM Goggles at https://www.formswim.com/pages/fitter-radio ·       More about Race Ranger at https://www.raceranger.com/ ·       More about the PTO at https://protriathletes.org/ ·       More about Dylan McNeice at https://www.raceranger.com/team  CONTACT US: ·       Learn more about us at https://www.fitter.co.nz         ·       Mikki Williden can be found at https://mikkiwilliden.com/
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