David Dunne: Unlocking the Power of Behavioural Science and Performance Nutrition with Hexis
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We chat to David Dunne, Performance Nutritionist and CEO of Hexis about the fascinating world of sports nutrition and behavioural science and how Hexis are bridging the gap between knowledge and implementation. We discuss how to motivate and enable individuals to make lasting changes to their behaviours through understanding the target behavior and identifying barriers and enablers. We delve into the COMB model and the theoretical domains framework, which can help create successful interventions on both a micro and macro level. Lastly, we discuss the role of technology in supporting 24/7 nutrition guidance and in enabling sustainable behaviour change. We examine the potential for a 'practitioner's desktop' to scale the services of nutritionists, as well as the pitfalls of extreme weight-loss strategies. emphasizing the importance of changing behaviours for long-term sustainability. LINKS:  More about Hexis at https://www.hexis.live/ Follow David Dunne on Twitter at https://twitter.com/david_m_dunne
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