Exploring the Science of Critical Power and Speed with Coach Peter Leo.
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A fascinating conversation with Coach Peter Leo, Endurance Training Scientist with Australian Cycling. Our chat ranges from his research into critical power and speed to his analysis of the determinants of durability in athletes. We demystify the mathematical model that underpins power over speed and time - a crucial concept in helping athletes improve their performance. We learn about the differences between absolute and relative power output and how to measure them. We discuss the importance of torque production in power output and athlete performance. Peter Leo shares his invaluable experience in assisting triathletes to qualify for World Championships and offers insight into specific exercises that can improve torque production. We delve into the determinants of durability in athletes, the role muscle typology plays in athletic endurance and the importance of psychological ability for athletic performance Finally, we highlight the potential implications and value of Peter Leo’s research for the cycling community. LINKS: More information on Peter Leo’s research at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Peter-Leo Follow Peter Leo on Twitter at https://twitter.com/peter__leo
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