Matt Bottrill: Speed, Power and Aerodynamics. Tri News and Race Reviews.
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We have 2 free race entries to give away to the Whakatipu Legend – you choose the distance you’d like to enter. The Competition:  Email in to [email protected] the answer to the following question… “The Whakatipu Legend has an event called The Combo Challenge. What is the total distance that swimmers will swim at this event?'  The answer can be found on their website at  The competition will be drawn in 2 weeks – on Sunday 17th December - and the winner announced on the podcast the following week.” Bevan and Tim review the racing from IRONMAN 70.3 Indian Wells La Quinta and IRONMAN Western Australia plus we hear from IMWA winners Daniel Baekkegaard and Fenella Langridge at the finish line. Alex Bees won the free race entry to the Calley Homes Mount Half. We find out more about him. Athlete turned coach, Matt Bottrill of ‘Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching’ has not only had an incredible career as a cyclist but has also coached athletes to world records. In this segment Matt shares valuable insights into training and aerodynamics. We discuss the significance of optimizing speed, power, and aerodynamics in both training and racing, and the need for athletes to focus not just on training, but also on adapting their bodies for better aerodynamics. Matt emphasizes the importance of body position and aerodynamics, using mirrors and video analysis for progress. We also discuss bike fitting for triathletes, and the role of individualized drills and adaptations. Plus, we touch on optimal cadence and the importance of varying training zones in triathlon training. Simon Cochrane is a World Champion after winning the recent Ultraman World Championships in Kona smashing the race record in the process. We share excerpts from our interview with Simon, out tomorrow. (0:02:21) – Competition for 2 x free race entries to the Whakatipu Legend. (0:08:28) – Infinit Nutrition 10% discount for all listeners with the code FITTER10 (0:08:40) - ULTRO Earbuds 15% discount for all our listeners with the code ULTRO15  (0:09:17) – IRONMAN 70.3 Indian Wells race review and it was a Norwegian domination (0:14:28) – IRONMAN Western Australia race review (0:17:41) – Finish line interviews with Daniel Baekkegaard and Fenella Langridge (0:25:07) – IRONMAN 70.3 Taupo this weekend (0:25:42) – Chelsea Sodaro racing at the Mount Festival of Sport (0:27:00) – The Calley Homes Mount Half (0:27:35) – Alex Bees talks about the Mount Half race (0:33:51) – Pedaling efficiency. Producing force and developing your range of cadences. (0:40:38) – Intro to Matt Bottrill – Force and the pedal stroke. (0:42:37) – Matt Bottrill of ‘Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching’ (1:03:00) – Introduction to Simon Cochrane Ultraman World Champion (0:49:30) – Excerpts from our interview with Simon Cochrane – out tomorrow. LINKS: Infinit Nutrition 10% discount using the code FITTER10 at Note: For the code to work you need to have created an account and be logged in. ULTRO Earbuds 15% discount using the code ULTRO15 at The Whakatipu Legend at Daniel Baekkegaard at Fenella Langridge at IRONMAN Western Australia at Matt Bottrill at IRONMAN 70.3 Indian Wells at Calley Homes Mount Half at Simon Cochrane at Ultraman World at
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