Italian League season 2021/2022 preview & power rankings
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In this episode of the FiveOne Volleyball podcast, I preview the 2022 season for the top professional league in volleyball, the Italian Superleague. I preview and rank every team in the league into tiers, and go over the biggest signings in the league, talk about young players to watch out for. Everything you could possible want to know about Italian volleyball is here! You can watch the upcoming season on    The FiveOne Volleyball podcast covers professional men's volleyball in the analytical and in-depth way that we expect of media in the big 4 American sports. If you like the podcast, check out my videos on my YouTube channel: FiveOne Volleyball.
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On this episode of the FiveOne Volleyball podcast, I preview all 5 pools for the men edition of the CEV Champions League Volley 2022 season, going into depth about each clubs roster, their play so far in their domestic leagues, and of course, my ranking predictions. I also touch on the big three...
Published 11/19/21
Published 11/19/21