It's Fizzy Trivia Night! Mr. Shnews forms a team with Sparky and Luthor for Trivia Night vs Martha and Waffle.
Published 01/16/23
Waffle and Martha become Mr. Shnews' assistants for the day.
Published 01/09/23
Waffle is having a bad day so Martha sets up a mid-winter Easter Egg Hunt in Floozeville to cheer him up!
Published 01/02/23
Mr. Shnews pits Waffle and Martha against each other in a battle Flooze supremecy. Who can move the most Fizzbars in the shortest amount of time? Tune in to find out!
Published 12/26/22
Waffle and Martha take Mr. Shnews to Pflugerville for a "Treat Yourself" day.
Published 12/19/22
Waffle teaches Martha how to drive the forklift... sort of.
Published 12/12/22
Mr. Shnews sends Waffle and Martha to Pflugerville for a purple pumpkin... instead they end up bringing Disco back.
Published 12/05/22
Waffle and Martha teach Mr. Shnews how to juggle. It does not go well.
Published 11/30/22
Published 07/14/22