Episode 69: Fan Q & A!
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Welcome back everyone! This week we attempt to record a podcast despite the internet having better ideas lol! Never the less, we get the job done. Jeff and I talk about Mark’s car accident, Jeff’s first flight in his 330SC in about two months and we answer some of your fan questions! So much fun with lots of laughs! If you want to ask us question to be answered on future episodes, head over to @flycoolshit on Instagram or email us at [email protected] Thanks to LIFT Aviation! head on over to www.liftaviationusa.com and use the promo code FLYCOOLSHIT and checkout for 25% off!
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What up!? This week we talk a bunch about Extra versus Gamebird again (we keep doing that lol) after Joe McMurray teases us all with his fantasy trip to Gamebird HG in Bentonville Arkansas. It looks like he had so much fun. We talk about composite monoplanes and life limits, sales tactics and...
Published 05/13/22
Welcome back! Jeff is fresh off a birthday vacation and we catch up about what has been going on in the aerobatic world. We dive into the last unlimited team camp in Union City TN that concluded earlier this week. We also talk about the plans for the unlimited team and the issues of getting...
Published 05/06/22