Episode 97.1: World Aerobatic Championships, Into the Unknown!
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Welcome back! We tried to record a quickie that ended up being longer than an hour lol. Today wrapped up with the first half flying the first unknown and it was an exciting day. We talk about the rankings, how they scored, and some expectations for tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it!
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Welcome back y’all! Jeff is back from the chaos and we finally have a chance to catch up. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to make it to Nationals and fly Unlimited, so he fills us in on what’s going on. We get into some Nationals talk and break down some of the flying that was kicked off today in...
Published 10/03/22
Hey all! Welcome back! We had a couple of weeks of messiness and Jeff couldn’t record, so I wanted to throw a solo podcast out just to update everyone on what is going on and, to shoot the shit a bit. It was weird talking to myself, which is something I only do in the shower… Anyhoo, I ramble on...
Published 10/02/22