Goodbye For Now
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We’re taking a break ya’ll! The podcast has been running for over 7 years pretty much non stop and what’s best for us is to take a step back. BUT as you know, we’re not leaving you high and dry forever because our new project is set to launch in the fall. Listen to this episode to hear a couple spoilers about said project, what we’ll be up to in our time off, and how we decided on this next step. Thank you all for showing up for us and tuning in over the years! We sincerely appreciate each interaction on instagram, podcast review, etc.    In This Episode We’ll Cover: Why we’re taking a break Why we need to be talking to white men more What we’re doing in our time off What’s next for us!   Our 3 simple asks to help us continue a free weekly show: Rate on iTunes or Spotify -  it literally takes two seconds Review - if you love the show, please leave a review on iTunes Support our partners by using our unique ‘HOOKUP’ codes at   Episode sponsors:   Sephora offers a wide variety of clean makeup brands and products. To learn more visit   For additional resources and shownotes, visit   Produced by Dear Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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