Ep-188: Leprechaun.
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Forever Midnight stumble upon a satchel of gold coins at the end of a wicked rainbow that landed outside the podcast studio. While discussing what they are gonna buy with all that loot, a real live Leprechaun (1993) starts stalking Ireland's favorite horror hosts. This little guy will stop at nothing to get his precious gold back I'm not pointing any long green fingers, but one of the FM3 swallowed a leprecoin while trying to tooth-test for authenticity. It looks like their luck just ran out...
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Published 07/13/21
The FM3 take Dragula debate about Robert Zombies newest film announcement. Then the FM crew head indoors to enjoy the newest demonic jump scare film in a real live actual movie theater!! With their bellies filled with paranormal popcorn the conversation ends up being more centered on “The...
Published 06/22/21