FTN Episode 389 – Fire Up Those Immolators – Prepare for Dominiation
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We keep going with the Adepta Sororitas codex. We continue to discover the way the Codex plays is a little different than it was before, unit that used to outclass … Read More
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We talk a bit about the Admech FAQ we received at the end of last week but mostly we have a healthy discussion about ‘what is core’ and why it … Read More
Published 08/01/21
There is new stuff GALORE coming down from GW and we talk about it in the first half of the show.  The last half, towards the end, we talk about … Read More
Published 07/25/21
The Book of Fire breaths a little life into an under utilized Sisters Faction and also  gives us a chance to revisit some of the Chaos factions and relics.  We … Read More
Published 07/18/21