379: Surviving a Flightless World with Brian Kidwell of Scott’s Cheap Flights
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Running a travel company in the middle of a global pandemic is not something Brian Kidwell would suggest for aspiring entrepreneurs. But Brian and his team were able to endure by trusting their product market fit and member base.   Scott’s Cheap Flights started in 2015 when Brian teamed up with his cofounder, Scott Keyes, to build a flight-tracking travel website. What started as a side hustle now has become a technology platform with over 2 million subscribers.    In this interview, Nathan Chan talks with Brian about: How a backpacking trip in Europe inspired him to start a travel company Why he didn’t meet Scott in-person for over a year "Duct taping" the early platform together using WordPress, Zapier, and ActiveCampaign Why hunting down a reporter’s email changed their business How they were able to survive the pandemic without making staffing cuts  The craziest airline deal he’s ever had  And much more... Who do you want to see next on the podcast? Comment and let us know! And don't forget to leave us a 5-star review if you loved this episode.   Wait, there's more… If you enjoy the Foundr podcast, check out our free trainings. Get exclusive, actionable advice from some of the world's best entrepreneurs.    For more Foundr content, follow us on your favorite platform:  Foundr.com Instagram YouTube Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Magazine
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