A day in French - 53 - Macros
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Hey folks! So, here's the scoop: 2024 is my year of "transformation", and it's all centered around diving deep into 'cuisine French.' But here's the twist – after realizing that my love affair with pain au chocolat has been a little too indulgent, I've decided it's time to get savvy with macro counting. Yep, I'm on a mission to strike the perfect balance between savoring the richness of French cuisine and keeping my nutrition in check. In this episode, I'm taking you along on my adventure of marrying the art of macro counting with the indulgence of French food. It's not about giving up the good stuff; it's about making the good stuff work for me and my health goals. And let me tell you, it's been quite the enlightening journey so far!   In this Episode: From Pain au Chocolat to Portion Control: Sharing my personal story of how those irresistible French pastries led me to a path of healthier eating habits without sacrificing flavor. Grammar Corner: We explore useful French phrases to express opposition, perfect for those moments when you're debating between another bite or saying "non, merci." Nutrition in French: Expanding our French vocabulary with key nutrition terms, making it easier to navigate menus and food labels while indulging in 'cuisine French.'   So, are you ready to join me on this flavorful expedition through 'cuisine French'? Let's make 2024 the year we embrace the best of French dining, one macro at a time!   Useful Episode Resources Grab today's goodie here.     FREE audio training to help you understand spoken French Want to understand when French people speak? Sound more natural? Have a better and smoother pronunciation? Well, you can do that with this free audio training. It will give you the tips and secrets to speak more like a native. Grab your FREE training here.       Subscribe and review The French Blabla Podcast Thanks so much for tuning into the podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and love the show, I'd really appreciate you subscribing and leaving me a review on your favourite podcast player.   Not only does it let me know you're out there listening, but your feedback helps me to keep creating the most useful episodes. And you know what? I also get to be discovered by more awesome people like you!
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