FYW 237: Telling the Gender of Nouns
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In my last newsletter and YouTube video, I asked for your input/feedback on what you struggle most with in French and I took note of your difficulties (some of which I still need to think about how to best address them.) One aspect of French grammar which came back several times was how to tell whether a noun is masculine or feminine. Listen for my best tips and use the link below for my detailed article AND free downloadable worksheet to test yourself! LINKS and RESOURCES Masculine or Feminine? Telling the Gender of French Nouns (includes free downloadable worksheet to test yourself) FYW 032 : How to Tell if a French Noun is Masculine or Feminine (Part 1) FYW 033 : How to Tell if a French Noun is Masculine or Feminine (Part 2) French Animal Names : What to Call Your Dog if it’s a Female
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