FYW 242 : Understanding French when sound quality is poor or there’s background noise
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As if it were not challenging enough to get to understand French spoken at normal speed, how to understand a French conversation when there is background noise/music, or a piece of French audio that’s not clearly audible? In this episode inspired by a question from Fiona, I will share some tips on how you can work on this and improve and I will also stress the importance to accept that you ARE always going to miss some words (and how to work on that, too). Vocabulary and Spelling of the French Words mentioned in this episode “C’est une idée très schtroumpfante ! » « Tu as bien dormi ? Tu as l’air bien schtroumpf aujourd’hui. » « ça fait longtemps qu’on n’a pas schroumpfé ensemble ! Vendredi, ça te dirait ? » Links and Resources My Schtroumpf activity (with free downloadable worksheet): French Voices podcast: on your favourite podcast app or at https://frenchyourway.com.au/category/frenchvoices
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