Jeppe Michael Jensen - Sticking with Landscape Photography as a Hobby
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Welcome to episode 242 of F-Stop Collaborate and Listen! This week on the podcast I was joined by Jeppe Michael Jensen - a photo-journalist by trade and landscape photographer by hobby living in the country of Denmark. In today's episode, we focus a great deal of time discussing the merits of maintaining landscape photography as a hobby as opposed to pursuing it as a full-time vocation, and why Jeppe has chosen to do just that. On this week's episode we discuss: What Jeppe has learned while working with world-class photo journalists, Why going pro isn't for him, How landscape photography has influenced his work as a photo journalist, How his work as a photo journalist has influenced his landscape photography, His thoughts on art and photo journalism as it relates to landscape photography, And a lot more! Here's who Jeppe recommended for the podcast this week: Simon Baxter. Magnus Lindbom. Arild Heitmann. Stian Klo. Other items mentioned on the show: 1. F-Stop Collaborate and Listen T-Shirt. 2. Support the show on Patreon.
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