In this episode of the podcast, Salvador Briggman interviews Chris O'Neal from Brotherwise Games on his most recent Kickstarter for Overlord: a Boss Monster Adventure.You'll learn about what goes into building a successful board game company, how to get...
Published 07/15/20
Bobby Fiorentino launched the Kickstarter project "This Game Is A Disaster!" and raisedĀ  $8,420. He came on the show to share how he was able to do this, along with advice that he has for beginning board game entrepreneurs. LinksĀ Become a guest:...
Published 07/01/20
On this episode of the Funding the Dream on Kickstarter podcast, Salvador Briggman talks with James Takenaka, who has over 25 years of experience in the collectible and tabletop games industry. Apply to Be on the Show: Funding the Dream on...
Published 06/16/20
On this episode, you'll learn an effective Kickstarter community-building strategy from Gamedec, a project that attracted 4,911 backers. In this game, you are a detective who solves crimes inside virtual worlds. Use your wits to gather info from your...
Published 05/29/20
Final Episode of Funding the Dream on Kickstarter
Published 10/16/19
EP 330 Brian Henk and lessons learned from a failed Kickstarter
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How to build a business with crowdfunding platform, iFundWomen.com
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EP 327 Publishing a book on Kickstarter to affect social behavior and teach children compassion.
Published 08/12/19
Devin Thorpe discusses the power of Crowdfunding for social good.
Published 08/12/19
Giving before you ask. Why providing something free is one of the best means of raising money.
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Starting small, building a crowd, and following a careful process to success on Kickstarter
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Becoming a Best Seller on Amazon before you launch a game on Kickstarter
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How to get an additional bump from backers during your slow period of a Kickstarter campaign
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Crowdsales from Gamecrafter changes the model making pledge levels cheaper with more backers
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Ten ways to screw up a Kickstarter project Part 2 with Fabio Redivo
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Tens ways to screw up your Kickstarter project with Fabio Redivo
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Bringing back Evil Dead 2 Kickstarter Campaign
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Richard Bliss Got Married
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