How to Embody Spirituality as a Daily Practice - with Andrew Sealy | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP33
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Yogi Andrew Sealy shares what it looks like to live spiritually in the every day. He and Nimai discuss what it actually means to be spiritual, and how to embody this as a daily practice. They also discuss magic mushrooms, sound therapy, and sacred ceremony. Andrew dives deep on the benefits of Yoga, and how to integrate it into the modern world.    == TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Intro 2:48 What it means to be spiritual 8:40 Embodying your truest self  20:00 Spirituality in Daily Life 28:27 Mushrooms & Sound Therapy 38:48 Benefits of Yoga 48:15 Integrating Yoga in the Modern World 1:01:40 Conclusion ==   Andrew Sealy:   ==   Follow me on Instagram:   Fitness:   Nutrition: See for privacy information.
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