17 Sea 2 (7) Nudes , Lube And Intimacy With Nu Davidson - Nu Davidson
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In this episode we touch on all things Nudes, Lube and Intimacy . We touch on insecurities we may have in comparison to other females and how comparison is not reality.  This is because people may bleach, take pictures in certain angles , edit and have specific lighting.    Societal norms may not portray the real definition of beauty which comes from self love, self worth and self acceptance. We need to be able to fall in love with who we are and value the things that do matter such as health. By owning our own unique beauty we come to a place of self discovery.   An awareness around nudes needs to be raised as people are being catfished and blackmailed . It can happen to anyone. We need to learn to protect ourselves online as once it is out it stays on the internet.   Things to be aware of if not showing your face , keeping it generic so that you are unable to be identified. Avoiding scars , tattoos or anything that can identify you or trace back to you.   Consent is by far , a very important topic along with protecting ourselves , keeping safe and having fun at the same time. Angles, lighting are everything when taking a good picture.  We then touch on girl issues such as thrush. Coconut oil can help soothe thrush.  Have in mind that oil will break down latex properties this includes oil based lubricants.   Nu , came out with a product this is a natural organic lubricant , a gender neutral product that is water based , plant based , a product that lasts long and gives you good glide . She wanted it  and Created it.   We then go on to  talk about the Yoni egg which is an egg shaped crystal.   That has loads of benefits such as strengthening your pelvic floor muscle, reconnecting yourself to your Yoni, you set aside time to honour your body.   Following on a very important subject includes, a  love language. Understanding our own love language and that of our partners so that we can then understand what love language they need in return so that they may feel loved , listened to and appreciated.   Nothing but golden nuggets, Nu explains the difference between a therapist and a coach . One is interested in getting you  where you want to be. A therapist unpacks past trauma and helps you heal and navigate your pain.    Connect with Nu :  Instagram : nudavidson or Website : www.nudavidson.co.za Any questions feel free to ask .    Want to connect ?  Instagram : miss_Caastro    Instagram : gentletouchpodcast  Personal YouTube : Miss Castro    Email :[email protected] --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
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