Dave Collum: Things Are Not So Apocalyptic, But A Moderate Doomsday Scenario Looks Probable
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Dave Collum assesses the state of the economy, the actions of the Federal Reserve, and how financialization has distorted the price of everything. He talks inflation, why hyperinflation is not likely, and why the silver short squeeze may succeed. He has a sober view on Bitcoin and why sovereign states will keep trying to rein it in. He feels the cashless society is a hill that requires dying on and that Central Bank Digital Currencies will lock citizens into a total control system. He comments on the Biden-Harris administration and how they are doing a good job of splitting America apart. Finally, he gives some thoughts on how to do well on the road ahead. *Support/Donate to Geopolitics & Empire: SubscribeStar https://www.subscribestar.com/geopolitics PayPal https://www.paypal.me/geopolitics Bitcoin http://geopoliticsandempire.com/bitcoin-donate Website Twitter https://www.twitter.com/DavidBCollum About Dave Collum Dave Collum is a Professor of Organic Chemistry at Cornell University, a libertarian, and an avid commentator on the economy, investing, politics, and culture. His annual "Year In Review" is widely read by hundreds of thousands around the planet and he is a frequent guest on top podcasts, TV shows, and media outlets. *Podcast intro music is from the song "The Queens Jig" by "Musicke & Mirth" from their album "Music for Two Lyra Viols": http://musicke-mirth.de/en/recordings.html (available on iTunes or Amazon)
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