#221 The "Just Enough" Relationship & the Confusion they Cause
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The “Just Enough” Relationship is a devistation that almost no one ever sees coming. The just enough relationship is one that gives you “just enough” to keep you invested in the relationship, but not enough for you to feel safe, accepted, or appreciated.We tend to lower our standards as we accept less and less from those who are giving “just enough”. Real effort is not given unless the relationship is threatened.One is giving the least amount they can get away with giving and the other gives until they are desperately drained. You can become used to the way the “just enough” relationship is and accept not being valued or settle much less than you deserve.Relationships do not have to have huge flaws in order for you to justify leaving or changing one that is not right for you. How long have you stayed in the "just enough" relationship, at the "just enough" job, in the "just enough" friendship because you grew used to the poor treatment.
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