this is the fourth annual awesome listener question show. this episode is all about you, the girl on guy army. revel in the great damp you-ness of it all. stick around for the end of the show for an important personal statement from aisha. mad delirious love to the girl on guy army.
Published 12/28/16
this episode of girl on guy is with charlize theron. that is all.
Published 12/21/16
on this thanksgiving, I'm talking to someone I'm truly thankful for: my mother. she's an artist, an activist, a rebel, a seeker, a groundbreaker, a traveler, a musician, and my best friend.  I hope this inspires you to talk to the people closest to you over the holidays, and find common ground where you thought there was none. girl on guy is truly thankful.
Published 11/24/16
join aisha and astrophysicist neil degrasse tyson as they talk about rejecting stereotype, destroying constraint, overcoming expectation, sprinting towards destiny and defying gravity. plus neil explains everything and aisha struggles to keep up. girl on guy is taking copious notes.
Published 11/01/16
this episode is with the superlative chelsea handler.    that is all.
Published 09/29/16
this episode of girl on guy was recorded in front of a live audience of girl on guy at the fourth annual GOG fan appreciation event, held at the US Grant hotel, the historic home of the very first comic-con. so much goodness. girl on guy loves the fans more than cake.
Published 08/06/16
join marianne jean-baptiste of blindspot, broadchurch and without a trace and aisha as they dissect consuming your work, finding your voice, living your character, making it up as you go along, and emerging from the wilderness. plus marianne and aisha fall for los angeles. reluctantly. girl on guy is finally an LA woman.
Published 06/27/16
episode 215 of girl on guy is with the extraordinary viola davis. that is all.
Published 05/27/16
join iconic axe man dave navarro of jane's addiction and ink master and aisha as they drive through tragedy, transformation, trials and triumph, and the reunion of jane's addiction. plus dave finds strength and transcendence in facing down the events that changed his life forever in one terrible, violent night when he was young, in the documentary "mourning son." girl on guy is trying to avoid slow motion sickness.
Published 04/23/16
at long last, this is the second half of the sheryl underwood conversation. plus aisha announces exciting news, including the launch of the kickstarter page for her new film. enjoy!
Published 03/28/16
join lifehacker and professional masochist tim ferriss and aisha as they slice through the pursuit of excellence, accelerated learning, diminishing returns, results addiction, the peculiarity of the ivy league, intellectual intimidation, creating evangelists, field dressing, and being ready. plus tim narrowly escapes a grizzly mauling, and aisha really wants a spider hole. girl on guy is ready for the s**t to hit the fan.
Published 06/14/13
join rock star food renegade anthony bourdain and aisha as they hack through getting high in the walk-in, butting heads with ted nugent, the politics of food, the stink of western optimism, earning respect on the yard, the pleasure of excruciating pain, and the implied consent of the hot dog. plus aisha enrages koreans, and tony eats a piece of ass. just a tiny piece. to be polite. girl on guy is gonna need antibiotics. visit girlonguy.net to upgrade to premium access, and all your many girl...
Published 05/23/12