How to Balance Faith, Work, and Motherhood (with Emily Stimpson Chapman)
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In this episode, Danielle Bean interviews Emily Stimson Chapman about her work as a writer and her collaboration with Scott Hahn in creating Catholic children's books. Her newest book is The Supper of the Lamb. They discuss the importance of engaging children in theology and finding balance in motherhood. Emily shares her experience of saying no to opportunities and the challenges of managing writing while raising her family. They also discuss the importance of female friendship and raising children in the faith. The episode concludes with listener feedback about feeling lonely in a new home and seeking community. Resources: Emily Stimpson Chapman's website Follow Emily on Instagram Subscribe to Emily's Substack Takeaways: Engaging children in theology through children's books can be a powerful way to teach them about the faith.Finding balance in motherhood often requires saying no to certain opportunities and focusing on what truly matters.Female friendship is important for mothers and can provide support and companionship.Raising children in the faith involves having conversations about God and the Church in a natural and ordinary way.Finding community in a new place may require stepping out of one's comfort zone and being proactive in seeking connections.ANNOUNCEMENTS Go beyond the podcast! For bonus podcasts, weekly columns, exclusive live events, and more, subscribe here! Contact: Email Danielle Bean Danielle Bean on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Voxer * For complete episode shownotes and more information, visit
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