Less Fear and More Love (with Corda Candles)
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You know you love candles! How about some free CATHOLIC candles? Michael and Anna Camacho, the husband and wife team behind CORDA Candles, join Danielle Bean on the Girlfriends podcast. They share their journey of starting a faith-based candle business and the inspiration behind their unique scents. The couple discusses the challenges and rewards of working together as a married couple and the importance of creating pure and clean candles. They also talk about the impact of small Catholic businesses and the need to support them. The episode concludes with information on where to find CORDA Candles and their latest releases. Takeaways Starting a small Catholic business can be a way to live out one's faith and make a positive impact.Creating pure and clean products is important for the well-being of customers and the environment.Working together as a married couple in a business requires communication, trust, and a shared vision.Engaging in creative activities can help reclaim attention and bring a sense of presence and peace.Good news! Girlfriends listeners qualify for a free gift from CORDA Candles. You'll get a free "Seasonal Favorites" tealight sampler with your order of $35 or more. That's 6 free mini candles and a $14.95 value! Visit CORDA Candles to claim your free gift just for Girlfriends listeners! ANNOUNCEMENTS Go beyond the podcast! For bonus podcasts, weekly columns, exclusive live events, and more, subscribe here! Contact: Email Danielle Bean Danielle Bean on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Voxer * For complete episode shownotes and more information, visit https://daniellebean.com/podcast
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A quick explanation on Danielle's absence this week from her daughter, Gabby. Please pray for Danielle's healing and recovery, as she still is in the hospital in NYC. Updates later this week will be available at daniellebean.substack.com. 
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