How to Teach Kids Virtue (with Maria Marianayagam)
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In this episode, Danielle Bean talks to Maria Marianyagam, a children's book author, about teaching kids virtue. Maria shares her journey of becoming a children's book author and the importance of starting to teach virtues at a young age. They discuss Maria's board book series, which focuses on virtues like hope and courage, and how parents can engage with the series. Danielle also addresses the topic of female friendships and the importance of cultivating meaningful connections with other women. TakeawaysTeaching virtues to children from a young age is important for their development and can help them grow into effective and fruitful individuals.Maria Marianyagam's board book series, which focuses on virtues like hope and courage, provides a fun and accessible way for children to learn about and practice virtues.Parents can engage with the series by reading the books with their children, using the discussion questions and activities provided on Maria's website, and modeling virtuous behavior themselves.Female friendships are important for women and can provide support, affirmation, and a unique understanding of shared experiences.It is important to be reflective about the friendships in our lives, invest time and energy into maintaining them, and bring any struggles or concerns to prayer.Learn more about Maria at her website. Check out her baby virtue books! Thank you to our sponsors! Get daily news headlines from a catholic perspective delivered right to your inbox every day with The Loop. Get The Loop today! Support a small Catholic business, give to those in need, and help support this podcast when you shop at Rooted for Good. Use code DANIELLEBEAN and get 10% off your order. :) ANNOUNCEMENTS Go beyond the podcast! For bonus podcasts, weekly columns, exclusive live events, and more, subscribe here! Contact: Email Danielle Bean Danielle Bean on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Voxer
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