Europe '72: Lyceum Ballroom
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The Grateful Dead (& the Deadcast) finish the Europe ‘72 tour with 4 rapturous nights at London’s Lyceum Ballroom, where they record much of their new live album, including a most psychedelicized tour finale, plus deep dives into “Ramble On Rose,” “Morning Dew,” & other classics.
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The Deadcast explores the backdrop for one the Grateful Dead’s most extraordinary shows, saving the Springfield Creamery at an off-the-grid potluck picnic amid Merry Pranksters, colorful commune dwellers, & innovative yogurt pioneers during the heady summer of 1972.
Published 08/18/22
Our Deadcast season finale explores how the Grateful Dead crafted 73 hours of tape into the sparkling triple-LP Europe ‘72, commissioned iconic cover art, spawned several new businesses, created a global impact, & eventually built a groundbreaking box set four decades later.
Published 06/02/22
Published 06/02/22