Grassroots:In this last show of the season, Richard and Gregg review the guests and topics which resonated with the most.
Published 03/31/18
Grassroots: Richard and Gregg spend the entire show talking mental training with renowned sports psychology consultant Dr. Wayne Halliwell.
Published 03/24/18
Grassroots: This week, it's about what's right with minor hockey.
Published 03/17/18
Why isn't there an HEO minor midget team going to the OHL Cup? Plus a conversation with James Wall of West Vancouver minor hockey about their curriculum.
Published 03/09/18
Grassroots: Today's show is about goal scoring: how, when, where and all the things coaches should consider when teaching it.
Published 03/03/18
Grassroots: How do you prepare for playoffs? What do you do in practices? What about lines, defence pairings and goalies? Richard and Gregg examine the ins and outs of playoff preparation.
Published 02/17/18
Richard and Gregg first talk with Smiths Falls Pee Wee coach Keith Rhoden about his team being a Good Deeds Cup finalist. Then they look at the Relative Age effect in minor hockey.
Published 02/11/18
In the second part of the discussion about curriculum, Richard and Gregg examine in more depth what should go into one for a typical minor hockey association.
Published 02/03/18
Should minor hockey associations have curricula to guide coaches through their seasons? Richard and Gregg think so and discuss the whys and hows.
Published 01/27/18
Grassroots: Richard and Gregg discuss what makes good, or bad, team chemistry in minor hockey
Published 01/20/18
It's the "Millennial Show" where Richard and Gregg discuss today's hockey player and parents. What are they like, how are they different from before, and how should coaches deal with them?
Published 01/13/18
In the new year's first show, Richard and Gregg discuss mental training for hockey with Markus Leikkari, a sport performance consultant.
Published 01/06/18
In the last show of 2017, Richard and Gregg discuss accountability in minor. What should (or shouldn't) you make players accountable for and how?
Published 12/23/17
Grassroots: This week's show opens with a tale of the worst coaching gaffe ever. Then Richard and Gregg chat with HEO Minor's Referee-in-chief John Reid about supervision and the training of officials
Published 12/10/17
Power: Who in minor hockey wields power? Boards? Officials? Parents? Coaches? The topic raises some interesting questions and issues.
Published 12/02/17
What is team identity? Richard and Gregg examine how to go about identifying and then creating it.
Published 11/25/17
Today, it's the parent complaint show: what are legitimate parent beefs and how should they deal with them
Published 11/18/17
What are the pros and cons of tournaments, instructing the NCCP, one-off guest instrcutors? Richard and Gregg dissect these topics.
Published 11/11/17
Hockey Manitoba has jumped with both skates this season into modified ice for all novice hockey. Richard and Gregg discuss this with Bernie Reichardt, their Director of Hockey Development.
Published 11/04/17
It's the vexing show. Today, Richard and Gregg toss out the things in minor hockey that truly vex them.
Published 10/29/17
Grass Roots: Richard and Gregg get into a more detailed discussion of teaching tactics, from the time kids play on modified ice up to the older age groups.
Published 10/23/17
As a follow up to the show two weeks ago, Richard and Gregg talk with OHF Executive Director Phil McKee who explains how the implementation of six year olds playing with sevens this season came to be and what is to happen going forward.
Published 10/15/17
This week's show is all about teaching tactics: what to focus on, how to do it, and even what tactics should perhaps be pushed down the priority list.
Published 10/07/17
Grass Roots: Richard and Gregg examine the GTHL issue that had six year olds not allowed to play with seven year olds as a result of Hockey Canada's new modified ice rule.
Published 10/01/17
Grass Roots: Richard and Gregg talk with Coaching Association of Canada consultant Wayne Parro who explains the CAC locker and maintenance points system.
Published 09/23/17