344) Scott Timcke: Algorithmic capitalism and digital dehumanization
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Scott Timcke, Ph.D., is a comparative historical sociologist who studies race, class, and technology in modernity. He is a research associate with the University of Johannesburg’s Centre for Social Change and a fellow at the University of Leeds’ Centre for African Studies where he studies the overlap between algorithmic capitalism, FinTech, and neocolonialism. He is also the author of Algorithms and The End of Politics. The song featured in this episode is Debt by Luna Bec. Green Dreamer is a community-supported podcast and multimedia journal exploring our paths to collective healing, biocultural revitalization, and true abundance and wellness for all. Find our show notes and transcripts at GreenDreamer.com. Help us reach our Patreon goal: GreenDreamer.com/support.
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