350) Brad Evans: Reclaiming community and the power of silence
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“We’ve collapsed the idea of community with 'connectivity'. But being 'connected' doesn’t mean you have any sense of community. To have a community, you need something very visceral, you need to be in close proximity with people, to communicate on a day-to-day basis, to understand the flaws of people. It’s not about curated existences.” In this episode, we welcome Brad Evans, a political philosopher, critical theorist, and writer, who specializes in the problem of violence. His work is particularly concerned with addressing the multiple forms violence takes in the world, while developing a more poetic critique that highlights the importance of the arts and the imaginary. The author of nineteen books and edited volumes, along with over a hundred academic and media articles, he currently holds a Chair in Political Violence & Aesthetics at the University of Bath, United Kingdom. (The musical offering in this episode is Debt by Luna Bec.) Green Dreamer is an in(ter)dependent, community-powered podcast. If our work has inspired you, please consider reciprocating a gift of support to help sustain the show:  GreenDreamer.com/support
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