Jeff Grubb is joined by Derek Van Dyke to talk about Fallout 4 getting a current-gen update, the idea of "tipping" developers, Destiny 3 possibly being in development, and more!
Published 04/12/24
Published 04/12/24
Jeff Grubb is joined by Alex Orona of Super GG Radio to chat about updates to the Dead Space 2 story from yesterday, some select titles from The Big Triple-I Initiative, furloughs from the Immortals of Aveuem studio, and more!
Published 04/11/24
Jeff Grubb has Lex Luddy on the show today to chat about Persona 6's theme color being leaked, EA focusing on Battlefield, updates on the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time remaster, and the YEAR OF SHADOW approaching.
Published 04/10/24
Jeff Grubb is joined by Emma Fyffe to talk about Xbox's new teams being dedicated to game preservation and AI, the continued struggles of Twitch, and how Ben Hanson is very, very wrong.
Published 04/08/24
Jeff Grubb is joined by Jesse Vitelli to talk about developers moving away from 60FPS this generation, the FTC denying an ESRB application for face scanning tech, and Roku looking to inject ads into your paused game.
Published 04/05/24
Jeff Grubb is joined by Jesse Norris to discuss GameSpot's preview impressions of Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, Summer Game Mess season starting to ramp up, and rumors of Gears 6 news coming this summer started by... Look at that, Jeff Grubb!
Published 04/04/24
Jeff Grubb is joined by Steven Spohn to talk about data showing that people mostly play older games, reports of a Prince of Persia roguelite, and a rumor of a May PlayStation Showcase started by... *Checks notes* Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb!
Published 04/03/24
Jeff Grubb is joined by Tamoor Hussain to chat about Monster Hunter Wilds updates, Witcher 4 ramping up to start production later this year, CD Projekt considering licensing out its IP out, Embracer updates, Minecraft heading to the PS5, and more!
Published 03/29/24
Jeff Grubb is joined by Marcus Stewart from Game Informer to share about Game Informer's new subscription service, Take-Two Interactive acquiring Gearbox Entertainment away from Embracer, a new Borderlands game in development, a big shakeup at Nintendo, and even more!
Published 03/28/24
Jeff Grubb and Lucy James are here to give you the hot details on Ken Levine's new game Judas, take a peak at a new Marvel PVP game in Marvel Rivals, developers not knowing the point of the PS5 Pro, and more!
Published 03/27/24
Jeff Grubb is joined by Emma Fyffe today to chat about potential worries about GTA 6's production schedule, Larian not making another Baldur's Gate, another new Sonic game, and more!
Published 03/25/24
Jeff Grubb is joined by Scott McCrae to chat about Dragon's Dogma 2 and do a quick review roundup, shakeups around Bungie, Overwatch 2 updates, and more!
Published 03/20/24
Jeff Grubb is joined by Emma Fyffe to chat about some leaked PS5 Pro specs, PS VR2's production getting paused due to slow sales, potential Persona 6 updates, some heat around the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection, and more!
Published 03/18/24
Jeff Grubb is joined by Tamoor Hussain to chat about the messy launch of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Edition, some unfortunate layoffs at the Apex Legends team, some hot statistics with the most played games on the Steam Deck, and surprising crossovers with Sonic the Hedgehog!
Published 03/15/24
Jeff Grubb is joined by Jan Ochoa today to chat about the sale of Saber Interactive, reports of consumer spending trending downwards in 2024, GTA 6 being lauded as an important game, Summer Game Fest dates announced, and more!
Published 03/14/24
Jeff Grubb is joined by Lex Luddy today to chat about crptic MegaMan photos being tweeted out by Arika, a Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth expansion centered around Queen's Blood, improvements to the PS5 DualShock, and more!
Published 03/13/24
Jeff Grubb and Mike Minotti are here to start you off with a bunch of Mario news! We've got dates for Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion 2, new Super Mario Lego kits, a new Super Mario Bros. movie in the works, Warner Bros. retiring Adult Swim games, and even more!
Published 03/11/24
Jeff Grubb and Lucy James are here to chat about Unicorn Overlord reviews, Vanillaware forbidding Atlus on releasing Unicorn Overlord on PC, the possibility of Halo on PlayStation, Helldivers 2 sales, and more!
Published 03/08/24
Jeff Grubb is joined by Jan Ochoa to recap yesterday's Xbox Partner Preview event, chat about Final Fantasy 7's console exclusivity deal, initial impressions on the new Fallout TV series trailer, and more!
Published 03/07/24
Jeff Grubb is joined by Tamoor Hussain for an early Dregsday! They chat about some footage from the cancelled Timesplitters game, Ghost of Tsushima being confirmed to head to PC, Supergiant only working on Hades, and more! Grow up!
Published 03/06/24
Jeff Grubb is joined by Emma Fyffe today to chat about some Mario Day rumors, Ghost of Tsushima possibly heading to the PC soon, special edition consoles, Balatro getting removed from digital stores, and more!
Published 03/04/24
Dregsday has returned, so Grubb and Tam are here to talk you thorough Toys For Bob going independent, Gearbox potentially being sold by Embracer Group, and Guerrilla’s Horizon online game *continuing* development amid recent cancellations.
Published 03/01/24
Grubb and Shawn go over more industry layoffs including 670 people from EA, Saber Interactive escaping Embracer Group, and the Yuzu team's brief response to Nintendo's legal action against the emulator.
Published 02/29/24
Grubb has Lex Luddy on the show today to chat about Nintendo's battles with piracy, PlayStation "reevaluating" how the company operates, a cancelled Twisted Metal game, mislabled Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth discs, and more!
Published 02/28/24