Unannounced Twisted Metal Game Cancelled
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Grubb has Lex Luddy on the show today to chat about Nintendo's battles with piracy, PlayStation "reevaluating" how the company operates, a cancelled Twisted Metal game, mislabled Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth discs, and more!
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Jeff Grubb is joined by Derek Van Dyke to talk about Fallout 4 getting a current-gen update, the idea of "tipping" developers, Destiny 3 possibly being in development, and more!
Published 04/12/24
Published 04/12/24
Jeff Grubb is joined by Alex Orona of Super GG Radio to chat about updates to the Dead Space 2 story from yesterday, some select titles from The Big Triple-I Initiative, furloughs from the Immortals of Aveuem studio, and more!
Published 04/11/24