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In this meditation we will practice being in the now, exactly as it is. And invite you to a more mindful living. We will use some ancient and very effective methods of noticing and releasing to gain awareness of our thoughts, feelings or sensations that can arise inside our bodies.  With this increased awareness and acceptance you will see how they are only movements of energy that come and go. Difficult circumstances will no longer be able to throw you off.  Through this practice and with focused attention you can implement this more and more into your everyday life. And you can become a more peaceful and stable being. The one who watches.  🌺 When you unlock the door to meditation, you also open the door to life. Until next time my friend, we wish you great joy and peace. 🙏❤️ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We would love to hear from you, and all of your ideas are welcome! 🙏 Is it something you have a difficulty with, a specific topic you would like us to do a meditation about? Please share and like this podcast if you enjoy it, or if you think anyone else would benefit from it.  Much love and peace! 🙏 Immersive Meditation --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/guided-meditation/message