Tasting with GuildSomm: Alyssa Champagne and Jim Bube
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In this month's tasting episode, MS Chris Tanghe speaks with Alyssa Champagne and MS Jim Bube about their approaches to blind tasting. Alyssa is based in Boston and has worked in various capacities in restaurants and retail over the past decade. Jim is a Chicago-based Master Sommelier. He is the national wine director for the Hogsalt restaurant group as well as a board member and the treasurer of Second City Sommeliers. After their conversations about tasting, listen in as Alyssa and Jim blind taste the same wine. See if you can guess the wine along with them! We will reveal what they were drinking in a future episode. Thanks for listening. If you enjoy this podcast, please leave us a review, as this helps us connect with and grow our community. Cheers!
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