Interview: Hank Donovan of Rattlesnake Cables; How long is too long?
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We have a VERY special interview this week with Hank Donovan, founder and owner of Rattlesnake Cable Company. Rattlesnake makes handcrafted cables in Montana. On this episode, we get into all things you ever wanted to know about cables. How long is too long? Is Solderless worth it? Do gold cables make any difference? ALSO, Hank has been very generous with Guitar Dads listeners and is offering 20% off!  Use this link to get your discount on these incredible cables:
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This week, the Dads discuss tone chasing, Oasis reunion rumors, the new DSM Humbolt Simplifier, and much more. This episode was sponsored by Coppersound Pedals, check them out at CopperSound Pedals and use DADS10 to get 10% off your order.  Please consider supporting the Guitar Dads at...
Published 04/15/24
Published 04/07/24
This week, the Dads get back into the Dadaverse and get into a debate about using vocal tracks. Is it all part of the experience or a total rip off? Also, Epiphone releases more in their insprired by custom shop line.  Consider supporting the Guitar Dads at 
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