This week, the Dads tackle all kinds of listener questions and cover the latest news in the Dadaverse!  Support the podcast at www.pateron.com/guitardadspodcast 
Published 02/26/24
Published 02/19/24
The week, the Dads round up a busy news week, including Rock n roll Hall of Fame nominees and take a slew of listener questions!  Please consider supporting the Dads at patreon.com/guitardadspodcast 
Published 02/19/24
The Dads bring you another exciting interview this week with singer/songwriter Krystal King! We talk about songwriting, producing, touring and oh yeah maybe we talk about guitars too!  Check out Krystal at www.krystalkingmusic.com  Don't forget to support the Dads at www.patreon.com/guitardadspodcast 
Published 02/12/24
This week, the Dads dive deep into NAMM 2024, discussing new offerings from EVH, Ibenez, Victory Amps, Mooer and more! Is AI really going to take over guitar gear?  Please support the Guitar Dads at patreon.com/guitardadspodcast 
Published 02/05/24
This week, the Dads tackle a listener question about AI in the recording world. What are the good and bad possibilities? Also, Epiphone releases a guitar that Matt actually likes? Really?  Please help support the guitar dads: www.patreon.com/guitardadspodcast 
Published 01/29/24
This week, we have another awesome guitar hang with the amazing Troy Redfern! We talk about Troy's upcoming new album and get DEEP into slide guitar alternate tunings.   Check out Troy at www.troyredfern.com, and go check out his latest single, "The Strange" anywhere you stream music!  Also - don't forget to check out www.patreon.com/guitardadspodcast 
Published 01/22/24
This week, the Dads discuss the latest news and new gear releases in the guitar and rock world and contemplate some major gear purchases.  Please consider joining us on Patreon at www.patreon.com/guitardadspodcast 
Published 01/15/24
Welcome to another year of the Guitar Dads Podcast! We kick of 2024 with a special interview episode with Mark Turley of Summer School Electronics. Mark is a school teacher who makes some awesome pedals, please check out his offerings at summerschoolelectronics.com. On this episode we talk about fuzz pedals, overdrives,  (you can never half enough), delays, and how to stand out in very busy guitar pedal market.  Please join the Patreon! Patreon.com/guitardadspodcast 
Published 01/08/24
Yes, it's that time of year for the episode we have been waiting for all year long, the third annual Daddy Awards! The Dads share all of their favorite things from 2023, from concerts, to gear, to you tube videos!  Please consider joining the Pateron at www.patreon.com/guitardadspodcast 
Published 12/17/23
This week, the Dads get back into the swing of things with a LOT of Dadaverse news, including Kiss, Green Day, and the escalating Hall and Oats legal battle. The Dads also get into the listener mailbag with a question about single pickup guitars. Are they the best or just short one pickup?  Join the Patreon at www.patreon.com/guitardadspodcast   
Published 12/10/23
This week is a very special episode as we have a return guest! Nashville-based singer/songwriter Taylor Hughes sits down with the Dads to discuss her new single and her future recording and touring plans. Taylor also gives us her thoughts on the current songwriting scene in Nashville (and shouts out some other artists to check out) and the current state of being an independent artist in 2023.  Check out all things Taylor at www.taylorhughesmusic.com
Published 12/04/23
This week, the Dads get into a whole host of music news AND get deep into some black Friday gear deals. Are these the best deals nobody wants? 
Published 11/27/23
We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Coppersound Pedals on a special limited-edition giveaway! We will be giving away a limited-edition white Foxcatcher dual overdrive!  Check out @guitardadspodcast and @coppersound pedals for details on how to enter! 
Published 11/22/23
The Dads are BACK with another interview this week! Joe Branton of the Guitar Nerds Podcast joins us to discuss is latest touring rig with his band, Polymath, and other guitar nerdery!  Check out the Guitar Nerds Podcast wherever you get podcasts and check out the patreon page as well patreon.com/guitarnerds Also, don't forgot the Guitar Dads patreon at patreon.com/guitardadspodcast
Published 11/20/23
This week, the Dads tackle some major news out of the Slash camp! Also, the MT100 and other gear news!  Please support the Dads on Patreon at www.patreon.com/guitardadspodcast
Published 11/12/23
This week, the Dads give their not-so-expert opinion on the best 40-50 watt amps out there today.  Also, Creed announces it's tour, but do we need more of a Grunge revival and less of a late 90s rock revival? 
Published 11/06/23
This week, the Dads give you a full review of the Koch Marshall Trio show they recently attended. They talk the music, the style, and of course the gear!  Also - are we experiencing a 90's rock revival? Creed is back and now the Offspring?  Is this the revival nobody asked for? 
Published 10/29/23
This week, the Dads get into the list that has been heard around the world: Rolling Stones top 250 guitarists of all time.  Is it a total joke or is RS bringing this list into the 21st century? 
Published 10/22/23
This week, the Dads talk about Green Day's new reverb store, Roger Waters is being onery again, and take a deep dive into failed guitar innovations: robo tuners, crazy neck shapes, and other things nobody ever wanted! 
Published 10/16/23
We have a VERY special interview this week with Hank Donovan, founder and owner of Rattlesnake Cable Company. Rattlesnake makes handcrafted cables in Montana. On this episode, we get into all things you ever wanted to know about cables. How long is too long? Is Solderless worth it? Do gold cables make any difference? ALSO, Hank has been very generous with Guitar Dads listeners and is offering 20% off!  Use this link to get your discount on these incredible...
Published 10/09/23
This week, the Dads respond to a listener question about partscasters. Are they a fast lane to the guitar of your dreams or just a traffic jam on the road to the custom shop?  Also, more bands you should be listening to, new music from our favorite bands and a cool new pedal from Universal Audio, 
Published 10/02/23
THIS week, the Dads answer a listener question about the future (or lack thereof) of guitar stores. Are they headed for extinction? Also, apparently music publishing rights aren't as good as an investment as some companies banked on, AND a cool new pedal from Keely hits the scream (I mean scene). 
Published 09/25/23
This week, the Dads contemplate the first ever AI artist signed to a major label. Is this too much? Also, Matt went to see the Eagles, despite more white hair than a polar bear zoo exhibit, Matt gives you his full review (and rig rundowns). 
Published 09/17/23
This weeks, the Dads contemplate the age of question of musical genres. Do they exist or are they really just meaningless?  Check out the Patreon on patreon.com/guitardadspodcast 
Published 09/11/23