Pointless Pedalboards and the Guitar that won the Super Bowl
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The week, the Dads round up a busy news week, including Rock n roll Hall of Fame nominees and take a slew of listener questions!  Please consider supporting the Dads at patreon.com/guitardadspodcast 
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Published 04/07/24
This week, the Dads get back into the Dadaverse and get into a debate about using vocal tracks. Is it all part of the experience or a total rip off? Also, Epiphone releases more in their insprired by custom shop line.  Consider supporting the Guitar Dads at www.patreon.com/guitardadspodcast 
Published 04/07/24
The Dads bring you another great interview this week with Nashville-based Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, Ash Taylor. Ash talks about her musical journey that brought her from Bakersfield, CA to Nashville, her love of Gibson acoustics, teles, and surprisingly, the fender Acousticsonic! 
Published 03/31/24