F*ck Blue Monday: Addressing the S****y Committee in your mind
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Fearne wants to f*ck Blue Monday and help you make it whatever kind of Monday you want!   Today, she’s revisiting past podcast conversations (and some never heard before on the show!) to help you address the S****y Committee in your mind. No matter how loud those rubbish voices in your heard are right now, these chats might just trigger a tiny mindset or perspective shift that’ll help you feel better able to cope when those s****y voices next pop up.   If you’re in need of a real mood boost, head over to @happyplaceofficial on Instagram to watch the F*ck Blue Monday video, and join in the conversation.   Watch Julia Samuel’s What Is How To video   Listen to Vex King’s episode   Listen to Ruby Wax’s episode   Listen to Sonia Choquette’s episode   Listen to Tim Peake’s episode Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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