Anastacia: Resilience, cancer, and broken Barbies
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Distress can be transformed into growth. Having had breast cancer, a double mastectomy, and Crohn’s, music icon Anastacia knows all too well how to be resilient through health scares.   In this chat, Fearne and Anastacia discuss how mindset and perspective can make a huge difference to our reality, especially for someone like Anastacia, who says she’s both an anxious and an optimistic person.   Plus, given the voices in her head that often told her she wasn’t pretty enough, Anastacia also gives advice on how to be ok with not looking like everyone else on the internet, and how to resist the urge to always use filters when posting online.   Anastacia’s new album, Our Songs, is out now. It celebrates the music Anastacia fell in love with while in Germany and presents 12 English-language interpretations of German top hits from the 1980s. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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