Kirsty Gallagher: A meditation for connection and purpose
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How often do you honour your emotions, and ask yourself “how are you, in this moment?” Spiritual coach and meditation teacher Kirsty Gallagher guides you through a meditation that helps you connect with your inner wisdom, and to get beneath the noise and chaos of the outside world.   So, find yourself somewhere quiet and comfortable for this gorgeous 10 minute meditation. While you’re doing that, you can first listen to a chapter from Kirsty’s new book, The Goddess Path, which is published by Happy Place Books. It’s a powerful read that will help you reclaim your self-worth, establish boundaries, and cultivate your intuition.   For more of Kirsty’s meditations, download the Happy Place app.   Kirsty’s book, The Goddess Path is out now. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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